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Recovering The Satellites


Counting Crows

жанры: rock, 90s
альбомы: Recovering The Satellites, Films About Ghosts, Films About Ghosts: The Best of..., Across A Wire - Live From New York
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1117 просмотров
Gonna get back to basics
Guess I'll start it up again
I'm falling' from the ceilin'
You're falling from the sky now and thenMaybe you were shot down in pieces
Maybe I slipped in between
But we we're gonna be the wildest, the wildest
The wildest people they ever hoped to see, just you and meSo why'd you come home to this sleepless town
It's a lifetime commitment recovering the satellites
All anybody really wants to know is
When you're gonna come down, when you're gonna come downYour mother recognizes all you're desperate displays
And she watches as her babies drift violently away
'Til they see themselves in telescopes
Do you see yourself in me?
We're such crazy babies, little monkey
God, we're so fucked up, you and meSo why'd you come home to this faithless town
Where we make a lifetime commitment
To recovering the satellites
And all anybody really wants to know is
When are you're gonna come down, down, down, down, down
When you're gonna come downShe sees shooting stars and comet tails
She's got heaven in her eyes
She says, "I don't, I don't, I don't need to be an angel
But I'm nothing, I'm nothing if I'm not this high"But we only stay in orbit for a moment of time
And then you're everybody's satellite
I wish that you were mine, I wish that you were mineSo why'd you come home to this angels town
It's a lifetime decision recovering the satellites
Everybody really knows for sure
That you're gonna come down, that you're gonna come down
Это интересно:Биография: КАУНТИНГ КРОУЗ (Counting Crows) американская рок-группа, исполняющая альтернативный поп-рок и американский трэд-рок. Образовалась в 1989, когда певец Адам Дюритц (Adam Duritz, р. 1 августа 1964, Балтимор, шт. Мэрилэнд) и гитарист Дэвид Брайзон (David Bryson, р. 5 ноября 1961 в Сан-Франциско, шт. Калифорния) начали выступать в клубах и кафе Сан-Франциско под названием COUNTING CROWS. Для записи первого альбома в... продолжение
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