дата: 1992

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Ace of Spades★★★★★
  2. 2.Too Late Too Late
  3. 3.Killed by Death
  4. 4.Iron Fist
  5. 5.Dancing on Your Grave
  6. 6.Please Don't Touch
  7. 7.Like a Nightmare
  8. 8.No Class
  9. 9.Louie Louie
  10. 10.The Road Crew
  11. 11.The Hammer
  12. 12.Tear Ya Down
  13. 13.Deaf Forever
  14. 14.Built for Speed
  15. 15.I'm the Doctor
  16. 16.Go to Hell
  17. 17.Grind Ya Down
  18. 18.Religion
  19. 19.Eat the Rich
  20. 20.Stone Deaf In the Usa
  21. 21.Back at the Funny Farm
  22. 22.One Track Mind
  23. 23.Another Perfect Day
  24. 24.I Got Mine
  25. 25.All the Aces
  26. 26.Over The Top
  27. 27.Remember Me I'm Gone
  28. 28.Lemmy Goes to the Pub
  29. 29.Dirty Love
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