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Franco Un-American



жанры: punk
альбомы: War on Errorism, They've Actually Gotten Worse Live, The Greatest Songs Ever Written
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I never thoughtabout the universe, it made me feel small
Never thought about the problems of this planet at all
Global warming, radio-active sites
Imperialistic wrongs and animal rights! No!

Why think of all the bad things when life is so good?
Why help with an 'am' when there's always a 'could'?
Let the whales worry about the poisons in the sea
Outside of California, it's foreign policy

I don't want changes, I have no reactions
Your dilemmas are my distractions

That's no way to go, Franco Un-American
No way to go, Franco Un-American
No way to go, Franco Un-American
No way to go, Franco, Franco Un-American

I never looked around, never second-guessed
Then I read some Howard Zinn now I'm always depressed
And now I can't sleep from years of apathy
All because I read a little Noam Chomsky

I'm eating vegetation, 'cause of fast food nation
I'm wearing a couple of shoes 'cause of globalization
I'm watching Michael Moore expose the awful truth
I'm listening to Public Enemy and Reagan Youth

I see no world peace 'cause of zealous armed forces
I eat no breath-mints 'cause their from de-hoofed horses
Now I can't believe; what an absolute failure
The president's laughing 'cause we voted for Nader

That's no way to go, Franco Un-American
No way to go, Franco Un-American
No way to go, Franco Un-American
Where can we go, Franco Un-American

I want to move north and be a Canadian
Or hang down low with the nice Australians
I don't want to be another 'I-don't-care-ican'
What are we gonna do Franco, Franco Un-American
Это интересно:NOFX («НоуЭфЭкс») — группа из Сан-Франциско, штат Калифорния, образованная в 1983 г.Изначально группа состояла из вокалиста Фэт Майка (Настоящее имя - Майк Бёркетт), барабанщика Эрика Сэндина и гитариста Эрика Мэлвина.С 1991 г. вторым гитаристом и трубачом стал Эль Хэфе.Тексты группы, нередко саркастические, посвящены политике, обществу, различным субкультурам, расизму, звукозаписывающей... продолжение
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