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Country Lane



жанры: rock, indie
альбомы: 12 Desperate Straight Lines
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1130 просмотров
I wanna live on a country lane
some place where no
one knows your name
I'll forget you too (x2)I wanna sleep in late
I wanna start from the top
clean my slate
and I forget you too (x2)I believe in fate
I believe my brain can compensate
I believe it's true (x2)Why can't I relate
I'm too street ????
it's something I can't do (x2)well I believed in you
and you believed in me
and i know this just happenedIt happened (x3)and I believed in you
and you believed in me
and i know this just happenedIt happened (x6)
Это интересно:There are at least two music projects known as Telekinesis:1. Telekinesis is a drum & bass project of two well-known drum and bass producers - Smooth & Markoman. Telekinesis is Michael Benjamin Lerner, an indie rocker based out of Seattle who is currently signed to Merge Records.Michael Benjamin Lerner performs and records indie rock under the moniker Telekinesis; however, while on tour he is joined by Chris Staples, David Broecker, and Jonie Broecker. All of the band members reside in Seattle, WA. The... продолжение
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