I Am


The Herbaliser

жанры: hip-hop
альбомы: Take London
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 374 просмотра
Open your mind ……… Read between the lines ……….

I believe anything’s possible! You ever seen the Sun rise
At 12 midnight? I got this picture formed in my mind.
The day never began at 12:01 and I don’t think
It ever ended at 11:59 …. We shine.
Herbalise your thoughts like mine, cross the line
I’m ready to face the world, show me the papers, let me sign.
Hold me back at your own risk, I may not be sophisticated
But at least I’m precise with where I’m going.
Knowledge is power … we take incredible steps.
Man’s been on the Moon, I’m almost done with paying off debts
We invented television sets and cassettes
I’m constantly disagreeing with people that I met.
I never smoked cigarettes, you ain’t seen nothing yet
Every day’s a game equivalent to Russian roulette.
You bet I got this whole scenario sussed
Exchanging cash for goods … hey! I don’t need your trust
I mean … how can I trust you when I don’t trust myself
Don’t worry about me just worry about yourself.
I rise like the Sun, light the night like the Moon
Something’s bound to give way and bound to give way soon
I presume you understand your mission in life
Accept the challenge; be a man, you can survive.
The rougher the better, I carry no vendetta
Get an education and be mentally stronger
Physically fitter, you’re looking healthier already
Are you ready for the time of your life, it’s kind of heavy.
Don’t question me; don’t ask me what I am or where my family is
Don’t harass me unless you want to see the animal in me.
I ain’t blind! I can see through your mind
Read between the lines, you’re a shark without a spine…..
It’s time to raise the self-esteem, begin the climb
if I say it’s gonna be mine, it’s gonna be mine …..

Knowledge is power
Information is food for the brain, there’s much to gain
So let it rain, let it rain
Keep your eyes open; keep your mind in the frame!

Soon as the lights go down my eyes close
My imagination works overtime, will it be hell in ’99?
Furthermore my mind’s on the journey that’s before me
It’s been a stressful year and there’s nothing you can show me
That I ain’t seen already in my dreams and nightmares
Either you’re out of your mind or you’re brave … nobody cares!
A whisper in the dark, a voice calm and angelic
Delivers a message telling me to keep my cool.
Let it be ’cause whatever will be will be
We’ll be delivered from evil! Focus on being an emcee.
If it hurts it’s bound to instruct
If you’re corrupt one of these days you’ll be running out of luck
You ain’t going in no direction but down
Am I crazy or simply playing safe or profound?
It sounds like the devil when the president talks
And looks like they’re already in hell in New York
No sweet talking when it’s time to get the stage warm
In the wilderness I conjure up a storm.
Theoretical exhibitionism carries no weight
The temperature’s unbalanced and nothing is as straight
Forward as it used to be way back when
We used to be boys, now we turned to men
With children of our own to fend for, send for
Somebody to end the war, what you fighting for?
That information is classified, the situation
Will never be clarified, access denied.
Peace and tranquillity is possible to gain
Depending on my abilities as a lyricist.
I never cared about being the cleverest or
Seeing Mt. Everest live in the flesh or the rock.
People flock from everywhere unaware what’s
About to happen when the millennium ends.
Watch your friends … it’s too late for making amends
Many reckon that 1999 is when the world ends!
What do you reckon? You’re an expert at playing Tekken
But guess what, it just takes a second
And pouf! You’re gone ….. But life goes on
I feel out of place kind of like I don’t belong.
Human progress is the reason for this mess
Will we survive the test or is it gonna turn to madness?
1st of January all will manifest.
2nd of Jan
Это интересно:"Well well well, my Two knights in shining armour, - Mr. Tall and Mr. Small!" - произносит некая милая старушка в начале этого альбома, и эти самые рыцари в сверкающих доспехах - Джейк Уэрри и Олли Тиба - оказываются великолепными продюсерами, взрывными диджеями и просто людьми с хорошим вкусом, который их подводит именно тогда, когда это особенно нужно. За угрожающей обложкой с надписью "Взорви свои наушники"... продолжение
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