One for You


The Knife

жанры: electronic, synthpop, swedish, electro
альбомы: Deep Cuts
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 296 просмотров
Rumors telling me you are mourning
And you haven't slept for several days
You've been turning inside out, looking for reasons
And your black sorry eyes made you paleAnd you couldn't catch them
You couldn't be there
You couldn't help them at all
And it was coldIf we say there is something above the mountains
If we say that there is something we can't see
Promise you will never believe me
'Cause I guess I'm just trying to make it easyEverybody was laughing when they found us
One for you and one for me
Then they let us go to hunt us down again
And still you refuse to see
Why everything has to stay ugly
Это интересно:Шведский электронный дуэт из Стокгольма - это брат и сестра, Олоф Дрейер (Olof Dreijer) и Карин Дрейер Андерссон (Karin Dreijer Andersson), также известная как Fever Ray.В истории сего дуэта с хлестким названием The Knife (англ. "Нож") нет ни поножовщины, ни серьезных разборок, ни страшной мести, ни прочих ужасов. А есть спокойная, целиком подчиненная музыке жизнь двух близких друг другу... продолжение
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