The Burial Song


Busta Rhymes

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 622 просмотра
The Burial Song (repeated)
-From Heaven, Our Gracious King-?Though some of us have been poisoned
Many of us have been blessed
And through the worst shit
That we all as people go through
Every blessing that we are blessed to have
Are blessings that provide us with what makes us capable of withstanding
And makes us more powerful when we go through the worst shit
Everything and every motherfucker gets dealt with accordingly
Mark my wordsSee I remember on the coming album
You know when there was only five years left
It was once said that there was no time
To take time for granted
Well we are now face to face with death (any given time?)
There's only one year left motherfuckers
The dawn of the new milleniumI understand though
Sometimes it takes time
And hands on extreme hardship experience
To realize how much better it is to prepare for the worst
By all means
It will always be better to be safe than to be sorrySo as we finally approach the year 2000
Behold what it might have in store for us people
There have been many indications of changes
That will occur, that has already occurred
That were not and will not be setup to our benefit, as people
But in order for us to continue to build
We must destroy
And unfortunately in the process
Many of us will be liable candidates
Of being destroyedBut in the bigger scheme of things we must defend
What we all collective identify with as the truth
And with what is right
To all my live soldiers
And all my live womenThose who may not survive the turning point
May you forever rest peacefully
As you are delivered back to the essence
So I dedicate this burial song to all of youTo my survival of the most fit for real niggas
And women no doubt
Continue to get what's your from out this fucker
Before your time run outAnd my the force of survival forever rest with y'all
My live motherfuckers
To all my survivalists
See you in the next thousand year period
Allah bless all y'allFlipmode continue to bounce
Like a satellite in orbit
Seein' all you motherfuckers at every angle
The imperial, the universal, powerful Flipmode squadStay tunedThe Burial Song (repeated)
-From Heaven, Our Gracious King-?
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