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Where We Are About to Take It


Busta Rhymes

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1072 просмотра
Brand new, yea, brand new
Haa, brand new for y'all massive and crew, people across the world
Yes, Busta Rhyme hot shit more, more, more, more
Motherfuker Flip mode nigga, more advanced technology for y'all niggas
Check it out y'all, follow instructionsHop skip jump makin' the flip
Dislocate your hip bone vertabrate slip
Shut ya lip and talk shit, lost ya grip
On the realist thing in life, niggga pass the clip
Makin' ya beg for your life, quickly strip
Oh shit, make you give me all of your belongings quick
Come up off of that ya get smacked, knock ya bitch back
Blow make ya go back to the way you use to act
Get money, fuck the bull shit, ain't nuthin' funny
Nowadays violate quick, will ya face bloody
Freak show have a nigga whole shit crisp
Break ya face from the swing of my hand, flick of my wrist
Dismiss all y'all niggas and ball up my fist
I hate a fake nigga and you at the top of the list
Wait regardless, how you skip around the fat remains
You a bitch, now learin' how to play these games
Exercise the right to grip shit every nite
Precisely, niggas be nicely doin' it right
Holy mackerel, nothin' less than actual factual
Stay reppin' even when we conversate casual
Read it in your manual, attend to our annual get together
Sarinate in luxury, doin' what ever
Doin' my thing, Trevade bumps King
Truck jeweling it, watch the medallion swing
So fast, nigga forget shit as time past
Break a piece of glass, quick to amputate your ass
The title wave movin' faster than the speed of sound
Gargantua, weighing in at a million pounds
The more the heavy the more the solid, my niggas run thick
Fast to bap the John type, my niggas murder you quick
Yo, take it easy while back at the ranch
You talk to much, you get beat with a tree branch
The most influential, whether in projects or suburban residential
Fuck that, we keep the livest niggas happy then we blow the
Spot quick, give me money make it snappy
Oh my God, Flipmode is the Squidaud
It's war if you dare step foot in my yard
My protocol is to create substance, abuse lyrics like alcohol
Nigga try to recall
When I hit you you, ain't even know that you was gonna fall
Cut your shit up turned around and bumped your head and all
Leavin' lizard, always remain grand wizard
Fuck around sleep nigga, you get caught up in my blizzard
Askin' who is it? My niggas ain't around, I ain't with it
Aiyo yo yo yo
We here to stay fuck payin' a visit
So consistent, demand everybody's assistant
Let us reach for all things, without any resistant
Fatality, for all those in the world that might be mad at me
Suffer in the faces of my immortality, to the one, who didn't make itNow in every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
In every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
Now in every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
In every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
In every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
Now in every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
In every way, I hope you know where we about to take it
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