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She Went Out For Cigarettes


Chely Wright

жанры: country
альбомы: Single White Female
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 346 просмотров
He was glued to the T.V.
When she asked him for the keys.
Said, I'm going to the market.
Is there anything you need?
The first quarter was underway.
He never missed a play.

She pulled out of the driveway.
Took a left at the light.
Didn't stop at the market.
She just drove right on by.
Across the railroad tracks.
She never once looked back.


She went out for cigarettes.
And just kept driving on.
He didn't even know it yet.
Bur she's gone.
As far away as she can get.
Passed the point of no regret.
She went out for cigarettes.
And just kept driving on.

Half time is over.
The sun is sinking low.
It's almost time for supper.
But there is nothing on the stove.
He looks up from his easy chair.
He just noticed she's not there.

She made a stop at the bank.
Took out some cash.
Now she's racing down the highway.
On a full tank of gas.
As fast as she can go
To where she does not know.

Repeat Chorus

She went out for cigarettes. 
And drove on.
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