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Back Of The Bottom Drawer


Chely Wright

жанры: country, love
альбомы: The Metropolitan Hotel
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 334 просмотра
In the back of the bottom drawer of the dresser by our bed
Is a box of odds and ends that I have always kept
But the man who sleeps beside me doesn't know its even there
Little pieces of my past that I shouldn't have to shareA napkin that is stained with time
Has a poem on it that didn't quiet rhyme but it made me cry
And a dear Jane letter from a different guy
He broke up with me and he told me I'm not always right
And a stolen key from an old hotel room door
In the back of the bottom drawerI don't keep these things because I'm longing to go back
I keep them because I want to stay right were I'm at
I'm reminded of my rights and wrongs
I don't want to mess this up
But I wouldn't know where I belong with out this box of stuffA birthday card from my first boyfriend
He signed it I love you so I gave in
Yeah we went to far in his daddy's car
And those Mardi grass beads from '98We danced all night stayed out so late
We thought we were stars closing down the bars
And that champagne was cheap
But still I've got that cork
In the back of the bottom drawerI'm not trying to hide these things from the man I love today
But I'm a better woman for him thanks to my yesterdays
So now I try to give more than I take
And I bite my tongue, fight the urge to say
It's my way or no way at all
And now I cherish love a whole lot more
'Cause of what's in the back of the bottom drawer
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