Money Talks


Deep Purple

жанры: rock, pop
альбомы: Rapture Of The Deep
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 676 просмотров
I was young and healthy, extremely wealthy
I swung in the trees and did as I pleased
I thought I was rich, oh yeahSuch sweet seduction, I could feel the suction
Greasing my palm and doing no harm
Just making some deals, what a bitchMoney talks to me yeah, whispers in my ear
Gives me everything I want, everything I wantI had rising stock so I got more pockets
I knew where to stick it where no one could nick it
I kinda went private and then, ahaSuch sweet seclusion, no more intrusion
Too much food on my plate but there's guards at the gate
Such joy I could almost die of it, yeahMoney talks to me, oh yeah, lays it on the line
Oh, gives me everything I want, everything I wantMoney goes to money, yes it always returns
Finds its way back to the big house where it lives all alone
Wraithlike silent partners, operators of the system
Give words of quiet assurance to an otherwise healthy victimOh, it's all coming back to me
I would swing in the trees and I'd swim in the ocean
I used to show some emotionWasn't to blame, I feel no shame
The structure was shaking, was there for the taking
I had the resources, but then, oh noSomeone outbid me, I can't take it with me?
Then I will devour it, I can't go without it
It's simply a question of market forcesMoney talks to me, it whispers in my ear
Gives me everything I want, oh yeahMoney talks to me, laughs right in my face
Gives me everything I want, everything I wantI, I want
Это интересно:Papa Roach —рок-группа, состоящая из четырех участников. Образована в городе Вакавилль, Калифорния, США. Они приобрели популярность благодаря своему творению — трижды платиновому альбому Infest (2000). Успех группы закрепили последующие работы — Lovehatetragedy (2002) и Getting Away With Murder (2004). Их четвертый альбом, The Paramour Sessions,... продолжение
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