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"Sleeping States"
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  2. Planning My Escape
  3. I Wonder
  4. September, Maybe
  5. Rain check
  6. Come Closer To Me Now
  7. The Times I Have Fallen For You
  8. Memory Games
  9. Life Vs. Love
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"Sleeping States"
  1. There the Open Spaces

Sleeping States

жанры: singer-songwriter, lo-fi, indie, experimental, beautiful

Дебютный альбом голландского замечательного пианиста и композитора полное имя которого Bart Knol.
Это красивая фортепианная музыка, напоминающая музыку Эрика Сати и Филлипа Гласса.

Bartois (Bart Knol) always had a deep love for the Piano, since he first heard Eric Satie and Philip Glass when he was young. After many years of composing all kinds of music, the time had come to create his first solo piano-album.

The goal of the album was creating a record which you can "trust". Something which can be played on quiet evenings or sunday mornings, knowing that it will be a comfortable ride until the last track has passed.


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