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"Sleeping States"
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"Sleeping States"
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Sleeping States

альбомы: There the Open Spaces
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 860 просмотров
in the sea
we are lying in a boat
that rocks side to side
on the rivers we'll float down

here and now
we climb upon the bed
and we watch the shadows
whilst the sun begins to float down

well it's something to consider
in this room
in this flat
in this state i'm in
i'm feeling 
out of town
and it feels like this

out of town
well i think i'll take a train
on to where i grew up
to appreciate the heat
when it comes 'round

in the sea
i am lying in a boat
it rocks side to side
on these rivers i'll float down
Это интересно:Дебютный альбом голландского замечательного пианиста и композитора полное имя которого Bart Knol. Это красивая фортепианная музыка, напоминающая музыку Эрика Сати и Филлипа Гласса.Bartois (Bart Knol) always had a deep love for the Piano, since he first heard Eric Satie and Philip Glass when he was young. After many years of composing all kinds of music, the time had come to create his first solo piano-album.The goal of the album was creating a record which you can "trust". Something which can be played on quiet evenings or... продолжение
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