Motorcycle Drive By


Third Eye Blind

жанры: 90s, rock, alternative
альбомы: Third Eye Blind, A Collection
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1032 просмотра
Summer time and the wind is blowing outside
In lower Chelsea and I don't know
What I'm doing in this city
The sun is always in my eyes
It crashes through the windows
And I'm sleeping on the couch
When I came to visit you
That's when I knew I could never
Have youI knew that before you did
Still I'm the one who's stupid
And there's this burning
Like there's always been
I never been so alone
And I've never bee n so alive
Visions of you on a motorcycle drive by
The cigarette ash flies in your eyes
And you don't mind, you smile
And say the world doesn't fit with youI don't believe you, you're so serene
Careening through the universe
Your axis on a tilt , you're guiltless and free
I hope you take a piece of me with you
And there's things I'd like to do
That you don't believe in
I would like to build something
But you never see it happen
And there's this burning
Like there's always been
I've ne ver been so alone
And I've, I've never been so alive
And there's this burning
There is this burning
Where's the soul I want to know
New York City is evilThe surface is everything but I could never do that
Someone would see through that
And this is our last time
We'll be friends again
I'll get over you, you'll wonder who I am
And there's this burning
Just like there's always been
I've never been so alone alone
And I've, and I've never been so alive
So alive
Это интересно:Third Eye Blind это пост-гранжевая группа, образованная в 1990х в Сан-Франциско. Первые демо были записаны 1993 а в 1996 они уже выступали на разогреве у Oasis. Если верить легенде, музыканты боялись, что толпа забросает их едой, однако выступление имело успех, их даже вызвали на бис. Группа вызвала настоящию войну лейблов за право работать с ними. Изначальный состав включал... продолжение
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