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They All Blame Me



жанры: metal
альбомы: Accept The Fact
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1052 просмотра
They All Blame MeI was living alone with all my friends
I didn't know my place
One moment they loved, laughed and cared
And another started to hateI was running to them
Beging to stay, didn't they understand
All I wanted was them to see what's real
Try to forgive and forget
And they thought I was mad
But I was just sadI knew they had won and wished me away
I was left behind
I had to look up and find them again
All I found was my liesThey deserted my life
Hit me hard, turned cold as ice
I thought I knew who they were
Now they'd dropped their disguiseAnd they thought I was mad
Still sad
I just wanted to cry
They wanted me to dieHundreds of moments that I've forgot
Too many words that I'd not mind
Thoudsands of dreams didn't come true
Losing someone and they all blame meI renewed myself still scarves were sore
But I learned to live again
Baby steps I'd walk a mile
And didn't turn my head
I don't know why I called them friends
Cause they didn't forgive and forget
A new life and a new sunrise
Lonely but freeSo I was mad
No more sad
Wanted to cry
Wanted me to die
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Это интересно:Warmen — проект клавишника Children of Bodom.Родившийся в городе Эспо, Финляндия, Janne Wirman начал играть на фортепиано в возрасте пяти лет. Большую часть молодости он сосредотачивался на джазе, но затем переключил всё своё внимание на heavy metal, в то время как присоединился к Children of Bodom, произошло это событие в 1997 году.Окончив в возрасте 16 лет Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, он был приглашён... продолжение
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